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Medi Link 160x50 60 route principale du port
92230 Gennevilliers

Contact : Christophe Soyez (Founder & Executive Manager)

Mobile : +33 (0) 626 474 561 | E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The origins:

Having spent about 20 years as CRA and then as Clinical Trial Manager I have had the chance to get a global vision of biomedical researches (clinical, observational …) from study concept to the communication of the results.

During this period of time, I had to deal with recurrent issues usual structures of laboratories or CROs couldn’t provide efficient answers. These issues induced (and still do) an extension of study timelines, a quality of data that still can be improved, potentially hectic relationships between all involved people … All this into a highly challenging international environment.

To face this, Medi-Link brings you an innovative answer by using qualified local personal, providing an adaptive and optimal support to investigators’ dedicated local teams.

Activities covered:

-  Recruitment of investigators,

-  Realistic study feasibilities (timelines, volume and costs) performed among investigators’ sites,

-  Support for French regulatory submissions,

-  On-site investigator’s support to:

  • Ensure the respect of timelines and budget (from site and patients recruitments to the database cleaning and/or safety activities …),
  • Enhance qualitative and quantitative sites and patients recruitments as well as data collection,
  • Reduce the number of patients lost to follow-up or data lost.
  • Ensure collection of high quality data, including for Post Authorization Surveys (PASS, PAES …)

-  Provide Councils to the investigators and their team to optimize site activities.

-  Support the sites during monitoring activities, Audits, …

-  Ensure archiving of study documents in secured areas at the end of the study,

-  Train the investigators and their teams to maintain technical and regulatory skills of the investigators up-to-date,

Added value for the sponsor:

-   Reliability on the investigators and study teams,

-   Optimization of site recruitment and management,

-   Guaranties on the: Data quality, Getting real patients (epidemiology), Study timelines & budget …,

-  Reduced monitoring workload (time and number) and their costs,

-   Access to a new pool of investigators,

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