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Immeuble 6e sens
186 avenue Thiers
F-69465 Lyon Cedex 06


Founded in September 2005 by Ludovic Lamarsalle and Alexandre Vainchtock, both Pharmacist (Pharm.D) and Health economist (Msc). HEVA was the one of the first companies to have a full access to the French Hospital episode database of inpatients (PMSI: Programme de Médicalisation des Systèmes d'Information) according to the French data privacy committee. 

We have also expanded our services with European Health Data (Germany, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium) and North-American Health data set (USA, Canada).

Our team: 

-           6 consultants

-           Health  data (11 people – Data scientists, statisticians, SQL experts)

-           Digital & data visualization (10 people – iOS coders, HTML5 coders, Designers)

With more than 15 years’ experience in health economics, our fields of expertise are:

►Medical and epidemiological studies :

    Root out the relevant information thanks to innovative algorithms (Data mining, correlation)

    Provide a new vision using the powerful of Health big data to establish significant analysis

    Build predictive model

►Medical and costing studies:

    Based on French and international databases, in order to give a new vision for health industries, hospitals and authorities (epidemiological/cost studies, patient pathways and trajectory cares)

►Medico-Economic models:

    Budget Impact Models

    Cost minimization, cost benefit / productivity models

    Cost-effectiveness models

    Profits & Loss

►Digital Tools, to give smart and clear information on Health Data​:

    Datavisualization / Trajectory & patient mapping / BIM / Economic Model

    Dedicated websites, custom tools 

    Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android

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