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Creativ-Ceutical is an international consulting firm dedicated to supporting the life science industry and health authorities in strategic decision-making. The company was founded in 2008 by Professor Mondher Toumi to provide professional market access and pricing services that combine strong technical know-how with real strategic expertise.

In May 2019, Creativ-Ceutical has joined MEDISTRAVA, the Healthcare division of Huntsworth, an international  health communication and public relations

Agency. With  Creativ-Ceutical, MEDISTRAVA  regroups 340 employees based in Europe, USA, Africa and  Asia- Pacific.

In addition, we  use our extensive network of partners and experts to obtain local and technical insight for countries where we are not present. Our clients include large and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies, biotech and medical device firms and government institutions, including the European Commission (EAHC).

 Our Main Activities

We provide customers with an end-to-end solution, offering Health Economic, Outcome Research, (HEOR) and Pricing, Reimbursement and Market Access (PRMA) services.  Our clients have confirmed that these two   vital domains are often disconnected and that a key challenge is in linking the technical work of HEOR to its practical application in the PRMA field.  We are competent in both domains and whether we are working in just one or both areas; our perspective adds value by identifying and creating the necessary connections between client projects and teams. 

We have broad experience in the therapeutic areas of central nervous system (CNS), oncology, immunology, cardiovascular diseases and infectious diseases as well as in rare diseases. These are complex and developing fields, where treatment paradigms are in constant evolution and where clinical and economic issues require rigorous analysis to determine the best therapeutic choices. This experience allows us to address the most complex challenges and to anticipate pricing and market access issues that will arise in these therapeutic domains. 

In addition to strategic support, we provide a full range of services including budgetary impact, cost-effectiveness modeling, real-world evidence generation (observational studies, large databases analysis), piggyback analysis, outcomes research and dossier preparation for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submissions. Thanks to these technical services we accompany our clients from idea to execution, for optimal delivery of results in the market.

Working with Us

Creativ-Ceutical can help you develop your global market access strategy and plan, as well as your pricing and reimbursement strategy. We provide insight and advice to prepare and manage payer discussions, perform pricing research including conjoint analysis, give recommendations on clinical trials and real world evidence, perform health economic and outcomes research studies, and build up the value dossier that will ultimately be used to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of a new therapy. 

Our company structure gives us speed and flexibility and encourages innovative thinking, while our collective experience gives us maturity and real perspective on the challenges facing our customers.  Our team has a wealth of experience, gained at some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, as well as prestigious agencies and institutions across Europe.

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