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25 May 2021 – GDPR and Clinical Trials: Compliance and Harmonization
The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been with us for three years now. Yet, the industry continues to struggle through the multiple legal interpretations of how the GDPR requirements apply...
Wébinaire EUCROF – 17 May 2021 – Staying Safe on the Way to Innovative Therapeutic Options – Phase I Trials in Research Clinics
In the light of a global pandemic, clinical research in early-stage development reached a new degree of interest as the world relies on scientists to find solutions for unmet medical...
Les actualités d’avril
Retour sur le Printemps de la Recherche Clinique Participation des patients à la Recherche Clinique : pour une participation précoce et transparente Recourir au SNDS pour les études observationnelles relatives...

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