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25 May 2021 - GDPR and Clinical Trials: Compliance and Harmonization

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been with us for three years now. Yet, the industry continues to struggle through the multiple legal interpretations of how the GDPR requirements apply to the clinical research.

Ethics committees, data protection officers of the clinical sites and of study funding sponsors, as well as the other stakeholders, defend their approaches. This altogether expands the gap in how a CRO and therefore, a Sponsor should process personal data to state with confidence, “We are GDPR compliant”.

To enable mutual agreement on the rules of applying the GDPR requirements to clinical research and help CROs demonstrate compliance with the GDPR, the EUCROF task force initiated, developed and now is proud to introduce the first Code of Conduct in the industry.
The Code is aimed to explain the application of the GDPR to the services delivered by the CROs.

If you are a data protection officer, you work in a regulatory or legal department, if you are a healthcare professional wishing to boost your awareness about protection of personal data in the trial-related domain and get some insightful tips, you are welcomed to join us on this webinar!

25 May 2021, on the day of the 3rd anniversary of the GDPR, we will guide you through the first clinical trial Code of Conduct. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the Code and our reasons to trust in its value, as well as receive practical advice on adherence.

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