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AFCROs was born in 2002 from the joint reflection of service and consulting companies in pharmaceutical and medical development for Health Products.

The action of AFCROs is only associative. AFCROs aims to be dynamic and reactive, while fundamentally respecting the independence of member companies and their competitive situation.

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La recherche clinique

Clinical Research

Clinical research includes all scientific studies conducted on humans with the aim of improving medical knowledge in order to better treat pathologies.

Working in CRO

CRO is the acronym for Contract Research Organization. This refers to a private company that provides, on a contractual basis, services in the field of biomedical research for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry.

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Working Groups

The role of our association is to represent, defend and convey the fruit of our reflections and work to the outside world. It is essentially in our working groups that ideas and recommendations are germinated and matured and later shared and disseminated.

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AFCROs welcomes companies that perform

services in clinical and epidemiological research for the health products industry: Drugs, Medical Devices, Cosmetology…

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