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of outsourced service activity in France
years of experience

AFCROs was born in 2002 from the joint reflection of service and consulting companies in pharmaceutical and medical development for Health Products.

Its objectives are to :

  • demonstrate and support the high degree of professionalism of French clinical research companies,
  • preserve the jobs of French employees,
  • defend the interests of all professionals in the sector and patients,
  • Commit to ethical and responsible research.

The action of AFCROs is only associative. AFCROs aims to be dynamic and reactive, while fundamentally respecting the independence of member companies and their competitive situation.

AFCROs has more than ninety member companies throughout France. The members of AFCROs represent about 70% of the outsourced service activity, in France, more than 3,000 collaborators in the field of Clinical and Epidemiological Research.

AFCROs is a member of EUCROF, European CRO Federation. It takes part and is highly involved in its actions and reflections.

AFCROs is member of French Healthcare and of Health Data Hub.

French Healthcare is an organization that promotes worldwide the French expertise and excellence in healthcare. The Health Data Hub is a public structure whose objective is to enable project coordinators to easily access non-nominative data hosted on a secure platform, in compliance with regulations and citizens’ rights.

Executive board


Hubert Méchin


Denis Comet

Vice President

Stéphane Bouée

Secretary General

Fabien Leclercq

Deputy Secretary-General

Yoani Matsakis


Jean-Sylvain Larguier

Assistant Treasurer
nathalie-amar copie

Nathalie Amar


Florent Belon


Catherine Ferré


Magali Lemaitre


Sébastien Louveau


Alexandre Vainchtock


Sont représentants de l’AFCROs auprès de l’EUCROF : Yoani Matsakis & Denis Comet.

Sont représentants de l’AFCROs auprès du Health Data Hub : Magali Lemaitre & Stéphane Bouée.

2 permanents

Afin de suivre et mettre en oeuvre ses objectifs et développer son champ d’action, l’association emploie deux permanents.

Une Déléguée Générale, Véronique Marty, contact : – 06 16 63 36 85

Un chargé de communication, Pierre Le Breton, contact : – 06 25 15 39 37

A General Delegate

Since September 2012, the association has been employing a full-time permanent representative to monitor and implement its objectives and develop its field of action.

Our General Delegate, Véronique Marty, is the privileged interlocutor of all persons, structures, organizations in relation with AFCROs.

Contact: – +33 (0)6 16 63 36 85

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