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Clinical Research

What’s the point?

Clinical research includes all scientific studies conducted on humans with the aim of improving medical knowledge in order to better treat pathologies. This activity is concentrated around 3 segments:

  1. Research conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a medicine with a view to obtaining a Marketing Authorization, or of a Medical Device with a view to obtaining a CE marking, this is the field of clinical trials;
  2. research conducted to evaluate the use and impact of a medicinal product or a Medical Device in « real life » use after marketing, this is the field of post-AMM or post-CE marking studies;
  3. research conducted on diseases or on diagnostic or therapeutic treatments outside of a medicinal product or a Medical Device, this is the field of epidemiological studies or behavioural studies in the field of health.


By whom?

Clinical research is carried out by health product manufacturers or by academic or institutional researchers and often involves specialised partner companies called CROs (Contract Research Organizations).

Clinical Research represents a French flagship of the medical and scientific industrial activity and allows France to be ranked among the largest contributors in Europe and in the world.

It involves several categories of professions, most of which are scientific with a high level of expertise in the humanities and evaluation. Recently, new techniques involving New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) and new professions (Data science and Artificial Intelligence) have recently enriched the field of Clinical Research.


A better understanding of Clinical Research

To go further and better understand the challenges of clinical research and the French particularities, please visit

Specially designed to make this field more accessible, it is an excellent educational and informative tool on clinical trials in France.

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