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AI & Clinical Research

Objectives of the group

To contribute to the attractiveness of France for the realization of Clinical Research (CR) on its territory:

  • Map the uses of AI in clinical research for each of our professions, as well as the associated tools
  • Accelerate the development and adoption of AI in our businesses
  • Ensure the ethics and safety of AI in clinical research
  • Represent the interests of clinical research companies in discussions on AI in health


To do this, we will answer these questions as technological advances and uses occur:

  • What solutions exist for a given profession? How effective are these tools?
  • What can we increase: productivity, quality, relevance…?
  • Is this legal? What are the responsibilities?
  • Is it risky, particularly in terms of confidentiality or intellectual property?
  • What are the obstacles in practice (internal and external)?


The group meets every 4 to 6 weeks by teleconference.

Group Members

  • Sami Ben Abdallah | BluePharm
  • Nesrine Benyahia | DrData
  • Véronique Chapalain | ICTA
  • Eve Dupas | KYomed INNOV
  • David Gibon | AQUILAB
  • Margaux Gouysse | Heva
  • Flore Jacoud | PELyon
  • Delphine Ladarré | Clin’S MD
  • Daniel Laune | KYomed INNOV
  • Marie Laurent | Heva
  • Stéphanie Le Goaller | Biotrial
  • Pierre Le Guellec | YEC’ HED MAT
  • Sébastien Leuillet | Biofortis (co-animateur du groupe de travail)
  • Matthieu Marchand | VCLS
  • Flavien Roux | RCTs
  • Hervé Servy | Sanoïa (co-animateur du groupe de travail)
  • Paskëll Stephan-Sieffert | Euraxi
  • Vincent Susplugas | Collective Thinking


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