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Clinical Research Professions

Objectives of the group : 

  • To better inform life sciences students about careers in clinical research
  • Promote among clinical research professionals the interest of hiring graduates from various scientific backgrounds (computer science, life science), whatever their level of training (master, doctorate)
  • Agreeing on the prerequisites necessary to apply for a given position (ARC, PM, MSL) and informing students and doctors, where appropriate, of the additional training available to them to meet these prerequisites.
  • To promote interaction between the different actors in clinical research through the implementation of tools for large-scale dissemination of information (platform, forum, etc.).


  • Creation and provision of business sheets, produced from the point of view of CROs and industrialists.
  • Creation of a website gathering all the information on clinical research professions (types, training) and resources to apply for them.
  • Coordination of information actions with members of AFCROs and other professional organisations

How it works :

The group meets monthly by teleconference or face-to-face.

Group Members

  • Sabrina BONDU | Axelys Santé
  • Vincent GROBON | Parexel
  • Babette MAKPANGOU | Evamed
  • Alexandre MALOUVIER | PRA Health Sciences – Animateur
  • Vanessa MONTANARI | Pharmaspecific
  • Philippe RENOUT | Alios Conseil
  • Gwenaelle ROGUET | Euraxi Pharma
  • Christophe SOYEZ | Medi-Link

Associate Members

  • Zoubida Bentounes | Michael Page
  • Marc Chevalier | Institut Pasteur
  • Chloé Connan | Metagenopolis INRAE Transfert
  • Nathalie Court Lecuyer | MAASCC Institut Pasteur
  • Matthieu Laffon | Adoc Talent Management
  • Rachel Terrasse | Michael Page

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