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Working in CRO

CRO is the acronym for Contract Research Organization. This refers to a private company that provides, on a contractual basis, services in the field of biomedical research for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry as well as for public or para-public research organisations (foundations) working in this field. There is also talk of a contract research company. CROs can be involved in all phases of research and development, from preclinical studies, through clinical trials, assistance in conducting research and the inherent regulatory procedures and pharmacovigilance.

CROs include all the trades in the health industry that can be outsourced. It is therefore common to see careers where people move from industry to CROs and vice versa. CROs are under contract with many clients with a variety of projects, and therefore, unlike people working in a health industry company, projects are often multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary. The work in CRO is extremely challenging due to the variety of projects handled, and fluency in English is essential. The pace of work is often high and customer pressure can be strong.

The jobs in Clinical Research

You will find below a directory of CROs’ job description sheets classified by category

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