Sanoïa is an agile contract research organization for innovative real-life studies

We are the first « digital CRO » combining patient experience, digital expertise and full-service CRO in an agile mode.

Sanoïa’s solutions close the gap between the real life of patients and the clinical research objectives of its clients: sponsors of real-life studies, real world data (RWD) projects, non-interventional study (NIS) projects in France and international.

Hybrid Sanoïa e-cohorts combine —according to the needs of each project— ergonomic electronic case report forms (eCRFs), patient-reported outcome (PRO) data, via internet or mobile applications, data from connected objects with big data, and analyses from the national healthcare system claims databases (SNDS).

Historically, we at Sanoïa also conduct our own published studies about innovation from information and communications technologies (ICTs) in clinical research and routine care: the impact of e-health solutions on the physician relationship in real life, the contribution of machine learning technologies to data from connected objects, etc.

Sanoïa’s data services rely on an ISO 27001-certified health data hosting provider (HADS in French).

Groupe MultiHealth

Le Groupe MultiHealth est le premier groupe prestataire français spécialisé dans le développement clinique de produits de santé.

Il rassemble au sein d’un même périmètre 5 sociétés dont les expertises sont mutualisées pour offrir le meilleur service intégré aux clients : CLINACT, Statitec, TempoPHARMA, Clinfile et FORMATIS.

Riche de son expérience, le Groupe MultiHealth propose une offre complète et internationale grâce à ces 6 pôles d’expertises :

  • Opérations cliniques : CLINACT
  • Data management et Biostatistiques : CLINACT et Statitec
  • Affaires Médicales & Réglementaires : CLINACT
  • Vigilances : CLINACT
  • eClinical Solutions : Clinfile
  • Outsourcing et recrutement : TempoPHARMA
  • Formation : FORMATIS

Cette palette de services couvre ainsi intégralement le besoin des industriels et des organisations académiques publiques et privées, et ce, sans aucune sous-traitance.



Kantar Health is a worldwide Health science and consulting company adressing pharmaceutical companies need from R&D to Commercial.  Kantar Health France team regroup more than 100 employees with different backgrounds (physicians, pharmacists, MBA, biostatistics, epidemiologists, market access, advanced methods, qualitative experts, data managers, operational, medical writters, compliance..) and more than 25 different nationalities. We provide international full services CRO and data analytics with a specific expertise in oncology, rare diseases and speciality care. Our team publish each year in major international medical/professionnal congresses & international peer-review.