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Why France

Clinical Research

Time in days

Business Processes Enablers

  • 1 Regulatory Authority (ANSM) & 1 Central Ethic Committee (CPP)
  • Unique agreement template for all hospitals (Fully Executed in 45 days)
  • Pilot Phase : in preparation of EU Clinical Trials regulation
  • Fast-Track Processes : accelerated authorizations for Investigational Products
  • More than 30 years experience for Temporary Authorization for Use (TAU) for innovative not marketed drugs
  • EUCROF leader for EU Code of Conduct design with CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) as reference body
  • Research Tax Credit = 30% for R&D

Operational excellence

  • AFCROs is the largest member of EUCROF with 90 French companies
  • Health Data Hub: Unique Public Database about French health data
  • Active academic network (F-CRIN) and Public structures (CNCR) to enforce & coordinate Clinical Research
  • Fully trained professional by recognized courses; Internationally specialized courses (Pharmaco-epidemiology, Real World Data)

Medical excellence

  • Several scientific academic societies
  • International reputation of our KOLs
  • Large patient advocacy groups led by experts patients
  • Oncology & Rare Disease: top French expertise


  • 45% of French Industrial Trials (versus 25% in Europe)
  • 16 labelled centres for cancer early-phase (INCa-CLIP)
  • Unique Oncology Network (public or private centers) such as « Centre de Lutte contre le Cancer », Institut Gustave Roussy…

Rare Disease

  • 8 out of 24 European Reference Network for addressing patient to specialized centre
  • 109 expertise centres for diagnostic and treatment of rare disease+ Public and Private commitment in Rare Diseases research: 3rd French governmental plan for 2018-22

France, an EU leader in healthcare


Consumption of care and medical goods





3 000

Healthcare institutions


Cancer: new patients/year


Inhabitants suffering from rare diseases


Neurology and vascular: stroke/year


Pain management: patients treated/year

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